Telenum commissioned the Tier-0 ENUM registry to support
the world's first commercial application of ENUM technology, PhNUM.

E164.PH: Tier-0 ENUM Registry

The Tier-0 ENUM registry is a domain name system with millions of zones that contains name authority pointers (NAPTR) records for individual ENUM domains. The ENUM domains stored in the domain name system zone can be resolved and redirected to email, websites, various instant messaging services and telephony devices including fax. For example, application developers can design their ENUM application to lookup when the end-user makes a connection to the ENUM domain via a telephony device or electronic means and route the connection to the appropriate service based on the redirections setup in the NAPTR records of the ENUM domain.

The ENUM tree is commissioned to support an end-user application, PhNUM. PhNUM is an end-user offering designed by Telenum to harness the convergence of the Internet and PSTN through the use of ENUM services. PhNUM allows end-users to register global telephone numbers in over 70 countries. The telephone number is then pegged to a corresponding ENUM domain which redirects connections to the telephone number/ ENUM domain to email, websites, various instant messaging services and telephony devices including fax. Most importantly, PhNUM, unlike current ENUM implementation is reachable from every public phone and Internet Protocol (IP) based network in the world!

In summary, it means you can place your ENUM domain on your website or namecard, and use it to receive email, voice calls and much more. One point of contact for everything.

Typical PhNUM Call Route
Figure 1.Typical PhNUM Call Route

Tier-1 Delegation Matrix

More information on the Tier-1 registries under will be published in due course.

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Join the Community

If you represent an existing ENUM registry and would like to get the Tier-1 ENUM tree delegated, please contact us at

If you are a developer that would like to lookup the ENUM tree to interconnect with our community, please contact us at and we will be able to grant you access to a test environment for development purposes.

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